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The Taxidermy Association of Southern Africa

This is a dynamic organisation managed by an Executive Committee (elected on an annual basis) with well-defined powers and duties in pursuit of service excellence.  TASA was established in 1980.

We would like to be of service to both the local and international hunting fraternity and to work in harmony with hunting associations such as the Professional Hunter's Association of Southern Africa (PHASA) and other related organisations, associations, departments and regulation bodies.

It must be kept in mind that not all taxidermists in business today are members of TASA, so obviously we can only speak for those who are paid up members of the Association.

How to select a competent taxidermist

TASA Activities in a Nutshell

Committee Members' Profiles:

Pierre Aucamp, Chairman 2008


Pierre & Anel Aucamp have been running a very neat and successful registered business on a farm outside Bloemfontein in an area known as Ferreira since 1998. Pierre has been an active member of the association since 2001 and shared with us that he developed an interest in the art of taxidermy at the tender age of 10 years.  He eventually went on to do his initial taxidermy training with Jan Jacobs at Watata. When we asked Pierre if any of our members helped him in any way his reply was a very positive – Yes for sure and attending the TASA conventions gave me a lot of support and showed us new methods.  The need to have more inside information and knowledge on taxidermy ensured that Pierre joined TASA as soon as he was made aware of the association’s existence. He felt that TASA was the only support group that gave and shared information freely with the members. Pierre has attended every convention and entered trophies in the competitions since joining in 2001.  He admits that his quality of work has improved year on year thanks to the constructive critique given by the judges.


Deputy Chairman and Senior Judge

Edward is a Tool & Die maker by trade and started taxidermy as a hobby in 1994.  In 1995 he obtained full membership (TASA) professional status moving onto full time reproduction fish taxidermy in 1996.  He was also nominated to help judge mammals and fish in the same year.   He started as an observer, and went through the required training period before been assessed by a panel of senior judges and declared competent to serve as a senior judge in 2000. Edward has won numerous best of category and best of show highest score awards.  He also served on the executive committee from 1996 to 2008, serving as committee member and deputy chairman during this period. Edward is the owner of Fishtech Taxidermy and specializes in reproduction fish mounting. He was commissioned to sculpt large fish skeletons and has successfully completed projects in sculpting of fish and large sharks. He is an advanced scuba diver, an ardent fly fisherman and ski boat angler.  His other hobbies are underwater photography and study of fish. Edward has done seminars during TASA’s annual conventions and include mould making, base building, airbrush painting of fish and making of water splash bases.


Committee member, Senior Judge and Competitions Chairman

Dennis has been involved in taxidermy since 1985 and joined the Taxidermy Association of Southern Africa (TASA) in 1987. He is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and started doing taxidermy as a hobby that has grown into a thriving business. Dennis started judging as an observer and went through the required training period before been assessed by a panel of senior judges and declared competent to serve as a senior judge. During the last few competitions Dennis was elected as competition chairman in charge of judges at annual competitions. He is a professional hunter and outfitter and has also collected excellent reference material over the years and is confident in judging. It was as a result of Dennis’ initiative that the new score sheets used in competitions since 2000 were formulated and perfected. He also founded the new Competition rules for TASA in 1999 and has worked on perfecting the system over the past few years.   Dennis and Jenny attended the 2005 World Fish Carving and Taxidermy Championship in Illinois, USA on invitation of Mr Larry Blomquist the organizer of this prestigious event. Dennis, and four other TASA judges were invited to judge in Namibia in September 2003 on invitation by Trophaendienste (Manfred Gorn).


TASA Treasurer

Jenny attended her first convention in 2000 and was elected as Treasurer to assist Gerrit Kruger at the time. She was later elected Secretary/Treasurer and served on the committee for about 6 years. Jenny is a secretary at a cement producing plant in KZN Newcastle where she has worked for the past 20 years (time for retirement now). She likes working with finances and enjoys keeping records for history purposes. She started keeping records of the finances, membership list, convention details, and trophy entries at all competitions etc since she joined Dennis at the conventions in 2000. Dennis and Jenny also keep the competency program details up-to-date after each convention. Although she is not a taxidermist by a long shot, Jenny appreciates the art of taxidermy and knows the hard work and preparation that goes into producing a well mounted trophy. Jenny would like to assist wherever she can for many years to come if her services are required.


TASA Secretary and Senior Judge

Izelle showed an interest in Taxidermy since 1994. She started working at Nico van Rooyen Taxidermy in Pretoria in 1997, where she further developed her skills in the art of Taxidermy under the strict supervision of Kestas Bybartas of Lithuania. In 1997 she spent 6 months abroad at Conroe Taxidermy in Texas, USA and then took the second leap by joining Terry Jacobs Taxidermy Limited in New Zealand for two years. In 2003 she returned to Nico van Rooyen Taxidermy until 2006. She’s currently the Co-owner of Taxidermy Sculpt in Pretoria. Izelle participated in numerous TASA competitions and she achieved the ever popular “People’s Choice” at one of the trophy competitions. She further achieved a third place at the renowned World Taxidermy Championships in 2005 under Professional division on entering a Red Duiker Life Size. She enjoys mounting Life Size mammals but her love lies with sculpting. She tried her hand at judging for the first time during the 2003 competition and is currently a Senior Judge. Categories judged include Life Size Mammals, Shoulder Mounts and pre-sculpted forms.

TASA Members